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Reno H. Sales Stadium Renovation Phase 1

Owner: Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana

Year: 1997

Size: 8,500 SF

Cost: $1,439,000

Architect: Bauer Group Architects
James L. Bauer, Principal Architect

Contractor: Dick Anderson Construction
This is the first of a multi-phase project with an objective of bringing the football facilities at Montana State University up to the level of competition that is being played in the conference. Bauer Group consulted with Sink Combs Dethlefs, a sports facilities architectural firm, in the programming and planning of this multi-phase project. The facilities in the first phase include the aesthetic improvements of the existing stands visible from Kagy Lane, provisions of toilet and concession facilities to serve the 'student section' of the facility and new team facilities with an event center at the north end zone near the main ticket booth. New ticket booths are provided at the north (main) entry and at the east stands to distribute the crowd flow and serve the fans more effectively. The project will be a positive step towards the football endeavors of M.S.U.