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Reno H. Sales Stadium Renovation Phase 2

Owner: Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana

Year: 1998

Size: 59,000 SF

Cost: $6,800,000

Architect: Bauer Group Architects
James L. Bauer, Principal Architect

Contractor: Martel Construction, Inc.
This project included the demolition of the existing stadium at M.S.U. and the design and construction of a new facility five levels high. The main level or concourse level includes concessions, elevators and storage; the second level consists of the corporate club and restrooms; the third level includes skyboxes, club area, concessions, gallery seating, and restrooms; the fourth level includes the president's box,skyboxes and restrooms; the fifth level includes the pressbox,snack bar, work area, restrooms and the top level is the camera deck. This project was executed in a design/build scenario due to the time constraints for the upcoming football season. The facility was operational in 153 days following demolition of the existing stadium.