Columbus IGA
Meadowlark Gallery
511 Grand Building
Par 3 Clubhouse
511 Grand Building

Location: Billings, Montana

Year: 1999

Size: 3,200 SF

Cost: N/A

Bauer Group Architects

General Contractors Construction Co.,Inc.
This project is an adaptive reuse of a long-time landmark in Billings. The facility was built in the mid-1950's as a fast food facility near Billings Senior High School. The facility was revised to serve the needs of Bauer Group Architects. The existing facility was 2,500 SF with an 800SF basement. The revisions included a 1,200 SF addition placed beneath the existing overhangs. The areas included were studio space, lobby, reception, conference room, 2 offices, 2 work rooms, ADA toilets and storage areas. The site offers 19 parking spaces and green space to reduce the amount of hard landscape previously at the site. The site berms around the facility were added to increase the insulation capacity to the perimeter and soften the building/ground integration.