Intermountain Dist.
Big Sky WTP
Big Sky Water Treatment Plant

Owner: Town of Big Sky

Year: 1997

Size: 4,000 SF

Cost: $350,000

Architect: Bauer Group Architects
James L. Bauer, Principal Architect

This project was in conjunction with MSE-HKM, Inc., the prime engineer. The goal was to provide an operational and functional facility to the Big Sky Resort that fell within the guidelines of their building design criteria. Additional requirements were minimum maintenance and the ability to accommodate the area's high snowfall during the winter months. Housed within are an office space, small lab section, a process area and various chemical source divisions that feed into the process area. The design allows for containment in the event of a leak in the process equipment. Hard, durable surfaces throughout the interior ensure ease in maintaining the high cleanliness standards for this type of facility.