Beth Aaron Synagogue
LCGS Remodel
LCGS Sanctuary Remodel

Location: Billings, Montana

Year: 2006

Size: 4,400 SF

Cost: $175,000

Bauer Group Architects

Cucancic Construction, Billings, MT
The scope of this project was to update the sanctuary from the conditions implemented in 1969 when the facility was built. The primary emphasis was to lighten the area from the dark paneling and era red carpet into a more contemporary and flexible facility. The pews in the sanctuary were refinished from a dark walnut to a natural oak. The sacristy was enlarged so the various processes to set up for services and functions could be handled in a more effective manner. Access to the lower level was maintained for a new choir area. The facility was developed to provide both fixed seating as well as individual chair seating for flexibility. The liturgical furniture is movable to allow flexibility for the programs and seasonal arrangements to be better served. Relites were provided in the sacristy into the narthex and social hall to provide interaction and overflow seating. The sound system was also extended into the narthex area.